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Many, many Pacific Islands greetings to you!
Welcome to, a website about cosmetics and Pacific Islanders.

This website was started after realizing that Pacific Islanders don’t really have a lot of information out there when it comes to cosmetics. While the cosmetics world has done a lot to cater for the various ethnic groups in the world, Pacific Islanders, being a minority in the overall group, still lack a wide range of information when it comes to cosmetic products, especially for make-up and hair. Pacific Islanders are a wide mix of skin types, skin colours, skin tones, hair types, hair colours and hair styles. The aim of – to be a place where those of Pacific Island origins can find a wide range of information on cosmetic products and techniques from both experts and fellow users.

Since this is a new website, most of the material so far is currently focused on Fiji, home base of, and the United States but we hope to expand, not only to the rest of the region, but to everywhere Pacific Islanders are, as soon as possible. Regardless, as Fiji is very multi-cultural and home to various ethnicities, we’re pretty sure that materials provided and discussed here will most likely be relevant for the many ethnicities that make up our beloved Pacific Islands.

Please feel free to let us know of more things you’d like to see on the site and any general feedback.

Looking forward to all your inputs,
The Pacific-Style team

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