Amuse Lip Gloss and Blush and Jordana Nail Polish (Coral Spark No.975) Review

Review of the Amuse Diamond Lip Pencil and Lip Gloss Duo, Cheek Palette in Natural and Jordana Coral Spark (No. 975) Nail Polish


Clockwise from front: Amuse Diamond Lip Gloss and Lip
Pencil Duo, Jordana nail polish in Coral Spark (No. 975) and Amuse Cheek Palette in

You guys may have seen these three products in my earlier Fiji Finds videos (Fiji Finds Part 1 and Fiji Finds Part 2) of products I picked up in Fiji.
I like all three of these products so here's my review of them.

The first is the duo from Amuse which is a lip pencil on one end and a lip gloss on the other. I actually enjoy quite a few products from Amuse and they're so incredibly cheap! However, one of the annoying things about the brand is that most of their products don't have names. So you only have a long item number to identify the product with! But I guess that's part of why the products are so affordable.
Anyway, so this lip duo is Item Number: LIP-7018DM.
Despite the annoying "name", both shades are beautiful and go really well particularly with skin that has a yellow undertone. If you're a Pacific Islander then both these shades would work beautifully on your skin tone.

The first swatch is the lip pencil alone and it's a very muted peachy bronze shade with tiny flecks of silver sparkles. The pencil applies easily and I use it basically as a lipstick all over my lips.

The third swatch is of the lip gloss alone and as you can see, it is a beautiful bronze shade with a slight peach undertone and also tiny flecks of shimmer.

The second or middle swatch is of the lip pencil with the gloss layered over it. The result is a beautiful shade that has a peach, pink, and slightly bronze mix. And this combined shade will suit all skin tones.

You can wear either sides alone or layered, depending on the colour you want and it actually lasts a decent amount of time for the price. I like that the gloss scent is like candy but not too sickeningly sweet and it's not overly sticky.

I don't recall the exact price that I bought it for but it was either $1.99 or $2.99 (Fiji Dollars).

Would I repurchase? If I do see it again, I might. Amuse is one of those brands that not only make hundreds of different products but that constantly come out with new products all the time. This means that you may not always find the same products ever again or they've been re-packaged and you will have no idea what it's now labelled as!
It's a nice product to have around, goes well with my skin but I don't rely on it because it would be a pain to look for if I wanted a new one after I ran out!

The Jordana nail poish in Coral Spark has been in our gallery for a while. It's a colour I reach for around spring or summer because it's so bright!


It is a bright red-pink with small sparkles and bigger strips of sparkles, all in multi-colours. It almost goes into neon territory.
As with all Jordana nail polishes I've tried, you need a top coat to prolong the wear of this nail polish.

Would I repurchase? If I ever run out then yes because I love the bright colour and the sparkles. This is a happy, fun nail colour, not at all for the shy! The bottle is big and this would last me ages.

The Amuse Cheek Palette in Natural is my favourite of these three products and a favourite in my whole makeup collection because I find myself reaching for this palette often.

The 4 colours are individually beautiful and would go with all skin tones and if you're a Pacific Islander or have warm or yellow undertones to your skin, these colours would look beautiful on you. To me, the 4 colours are variations of peach.

The first colour is a beautiful peachy coral and my favourite of the palette. The second is a lighter peach, the third a more pinky peach shade while the last is a peach with a hint of bronze.

The colours are all pigmented and leave a luminous sheen and certainly does not look or feel like a $3.00 (US dollars) palette! I paid $2.99 Fiji dollars for it and I would be ready to pay more! The colours blend so easily and the Natural name is right because it gives the most lovely, glowy flush of colour to the cheeks that looks so natural.

This is the only palette I've tried but on Cherry Culture, I saw two other palettes with different variations of colours. I checked because I plan to re-purchase this palette once I run out :)

Ok, guys, that's my review on these three products. If you have any questions about them, please let me know below. And if you've tried them, tell us how they worked for you :)