E.l.f in Fiji!

That's right! For those of you in Fiji, eye lips face (e.l.f) is available in Fiji!

As you may know, I am currently back in my island home and as always, I like to have a good stroll around the city centre to see what's new and what's changed. And in one of my strolls, I came past a particular shop and was surprised to see what looked like quite the selection of makeup brushes through the shop window. This caught my eye because it's something I've always wanted to see here in Fiji but haven't - till now!

So of course I had to go in and take a look and was completely blown away to find that not only were there makeup brushes and an actual wide selection of makeup products, but the products were from e.l.f!
Now for those of you familiar with this site and our articles and videos, you will know that we love e.l.f products and use them alot. So not only was I ecstatic that I can get e.l.f here in Fiji but now those of you that visit our site and channel from Fiji will have access to the same products we talk about. It's always a challenge when people ask us where to get products we talk about and find that they can't get it locally. I'm so happy that that won't be the case anymore with e.l.f products!

As some of you here in Fiji know, the shop I'm talking about is Her Gorgeous Expressions (HGE) and the particular one I was at is the one located opposite Prouds, next to Gokals.
Of course I had to pick up something and I had been wanting to try out the baked eye shadows and long lasting eye shadows but didn't get a chance to order them back in Switzerland. So I picked up one of each to try.

                                                                     I picked up the baked eye shadow in Toasted and the Long-lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Festivity.



The pictures don't do the shades full justice as they were taken with my phone but you should be able to get an idea of the shade and finish. Toasted is a gorgeous golden brown while Festivity is a beautiful sparkly plum shade. Toasted has a metallic finish while Festivity is very sparkly so if you're not into that, then this line of shadows is definitely not for you. Both shadows lasted all day on me applied over my Milani eye shadow primer.

I'll be using these shadows further to really see how they perform but already I find them to be great quality. And for you guys in the U.S where e.l.f is crazy affordable, these shadows are amazing quality for the price!

Once again, so incredibly excited to find e.l.f in Fiji! For those of you here who are interested in trying out e.l.f products but are unsure of what to get or if you have your eye on something but are not sure of the product's performance, feel free to let us know. Or check out our e.l.f videos for an idea of e.l.f products we've tried.


* Feature article on Her Gorgeous Expressions coming soon!