Empties 2

More mini-reviews of products I've used up.

    Bula Guys! So this is the follow-up to the first Empties video. We've decided to do some of these Empties series in video form and some in written form, thanks to your requests. We know, particularly in places where the internet connection is not too great, it's easier to load an article than a video. So definitely expect more content in article form :)

So we'll get right into it, starting with hair products. This is another tube of this hair conditioner from LÓreal.

This is the LÓreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Conditioner which I talked about in the first Empties video. As you may know, I go through conditioners like crazy because of my long, curly hair.
Without conditioner, there's no way I could detangle my crazy hair! And I really enjoy this one. It does a good job of helping to detangle my hair and I enjoy the texture. Some drugstore conditioners tend to be overly slippery, which might be great for detangling but unfortunately, the ingredients causing that slip in the product tend to not wash out, leaving a greasy residue on the hair. This interferes with styling products and can really weigh down the hair. I like that this one from LÓreal is more creamy than slippery yet, still manages to help with detangling. And I don't feel it leaving any residue on my hair. Plus, I find the rosemary and mint scent so invigorating.

The other conditioner is the Hello Hydration conditioner from Herbal Essences. This was the conditioner I was using before switching to the LÓreal one. Back when I was using this, I bought a couple of bottles to stock up since I go through conditioners pretty quickly. So I'm slowly using them up, especially for when I dye my hair or making my hair treatments.
It's creamy and does a good job of detangling but I definitely prefer the LÓreal one.


Left is the Structura Lotion from Curlisto. It's an alcohol-free lotion for defining curls and I layer it with the Control II gel, also from Curlisto. This lotion, with the gel, were my go-to styling products before I discovered Samy.

Together, they gave me beautiful, defined curls and I would definitely recommend this product. It washes out easily because it doesn't contain any silicones.

Of course, for those of you regulars, you'll know these Samy products on the right. I've mentioned them in the Empties video and I go through them pretty fast. I must point out that there are silicones in these products so it will cause build-up unless you use a sulfate shampoo or do what I do, which is adding baking soda to my sulfate-free shampoo.

These are simply the products that I've gotten the best results with, giving me the best curl definition and hold.


Moving on to face products, on the left is the eye make-up remover from Nivea. It's one of those types where you have 2 liquids, blue and clear, and you have to shake them to combine them before use.
This was just like similar make-up removers, does a good job of removing my eye make-up, especially waterproof mascara. I wouldn't re-purchase this again because unlike others I've used, the 2 liquids in this one separates really quickly after shaking them. I barely have time to pour it onto a cotton pad after shaking the bottle so usually I'll end up with more of the clear liquid. This explains why it didn't remove my mascara as quickly as similar removers I've used.

The other product is the Iris Refining Toner from Weleda. For those of you who don't know Weleda, it's a European company making beauty and medicinal products from natural ingredients.
This facial toner contains iris, which apparently has moisture-balancing properties. This toner did not irritate my skin and left it feeling clean and refreshed. However, I didn't feel like this toner stood out from all the other toners I've tried so I can't say for sure if I would buy it again. The biggest plus it has is that it's made from more natural ingredients and this probably would be the only reason I would re-purchase, especially at times when my face is being extra-sensitive.

These two mascaras from essence are not empty but are just not working for me anymore so they have to go. The first is the get BIG lashes volume curl mascara. This is the old tube, the new one is a red tube now.
I enjoyed the shape of the brush, it's big and the curved shape helps push up the lashes. I also enjoyed the thick formula, which was great for volume. However, if you saw my Mascara Review 3 video, you would know about the flaking factor. So that's the main reason I'm getting rid of it. And I've used it quite a bit, mainly on days when I just need to pop out of the house quickly so I don't need a long-wearing mascara. But I enjoy so many other mascaras from essence so there was just no reason to keep this one around anymore.

The other mascara, also from essence, is the no limits mascara. I didn't get as much use as I would've liked from this mascara. This smudged on me and didn't do much for me in terms of volume, especially compared to other mascaras from essence. (Which is probably why essence doesn't make it anymore). It was great for length but as I mentioned, essence just has other mascaras I enjoy more.

So that's it for this Empties article. Expect more soon because I've run through a couple more products since these. Let me know if you have any questions or need more details on any of the products.

Thanks, guys :)