Empties 3

Mini-reviews of these products I've either used up or replacing.


Front Left to Right: Essence Summer Club All Over Shimmer for
Eyes, Face & Body in 02 Miami Heat, CoverGirl Fiesta Lip Kit,
Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller 
Back Left to Right: Daylong ultra Liposomale Sonnenschutz-Lotion
SPF25 (200ml), Daylog extreme Liposomale Sonnenschutz-
Lotion SPF50+ (100ml), Essence Nail Polish Remover Nail
Hardening, Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil in Passionflower

Bula Everyone!

My Empties bag is overflowing so expect alot more Empties articles/videos! Ok, so let's get into everything above, starting with the Essence Allover Shimmer. 

Essence tends to do this thing where they release products only for a certain time, say a few months or so. I know many brands do this but I get the feeling that Essence does this more often. I feel like just as I start to get to know a new product, I see it on the Leaving Soon section on the Essence website! And it's not like it's a Limited Edition-type scenario. They do this for almost their entire range! Off the top of my head, I can count only about less than 5 products that have been there long enough for me to run out of my current one and re-purchase. I can imagine they like being "innovative" and they want to keep customers interested by continuously coming out with new products but I wonder if they know how incredibly irritating it can be! Especially when they have products that are so popular the world over (yes, I'm talking about their gel eyeliner), I would think they would consider keeping products like that in their collection. Now when I find something I like from them, I either buy a back-up already (playing right into their hands, I guess) or I tend to check other brands first if they have something similar as they're more likely to have it for longer!

Anyway! I digress! This Allover Shimmer is made up of strips of shimmery metallic shades all in varying shades of pearly natural-toned shades. Think really cool pastel browns, with almost peach-pink tones to them. There is one champagne shade at the stop and one pastel pink, hint of coral, shade in the middle. Swirled together, you get a really beautiful neutral-toned highlight. Individually, they are great eyeshadows, smooth and soft and they blend so well. I really didn't want to have to toss this but i've just had it too long and I saw a sort of white layer over it which looked like mould. So definitely time to toss!
Note: This was the one for brunettes. There was a slightly cooler one meant for blondes.

This lip palette from CoverGirl! Another product I've had for ages but I just didn't get around to tossing it out till we moved. I got alot of use out of this palette.

I don't know if the picture captures the dents I've made in the product especially the two in the middle. I enjoyed the sleekness and how compact the palette was, I enjoyed the shades and of course, the big mirror. These are definitely more lipgloss-style products with a pearly finish. I felt that you really need to have a good lip balm underneath these because they're more of a waxy texture so if you have dry lips, these will only make them worse, and look worse!

Everyone knows this eye roll-on from Garnier (left). I've had this for so long and it's not even empty but it's time to replace it. This is the best thing in the morning after a rough night (especially if you're a new parent!). I keep it in the fridge and it just cools the undereye area and makes you feel slightly human. And I love it for the plane on long flights between Fiji and Switzerland! Just gives you relief in the dry cabin air! I already have a new one already in rotation!

The Daylong sunscreens on the right are the best rated sunscreen in Switzerland and I really enjoy them for 2 reasons besides sun protection and that is that it does not cause breakouts on my face and secondly, does not leave a white cast, which can be a problem with sunscreen. These ones are old so time to replace them.

This essence nail polish remover (left) is an acetone free one, which is why I picked it up. Acetone is really harsh on the nails and you don't need it to remove regular nail polish. This is supposed to help brittle nails as it supposedly has ingredients to strengthen them. I can't fully attest to that aspect. I just can say that it removes my nail polish and I don't find it harsh and the strawberry and passionfruit scent makes it more tolerable than most regular nail polish removers. They have a blue version that is supossed to help with moisturizing so I might pick that one up next.

Last but not the least is this oil from Pure Fiji. Expect alot of these in future empties because the Pure Fiji oils and lotions (Pure Fiji and their Reniu range) are the only body care stuff I use. It simply just works for me as you'll know from previous articles and videos. My favourite scent is the Passionflower scents.
The Pure Fiji oils are a blend of pure virgin coconut oil, macadamia, sikeci (Aleurites Moluccana) and dilo nut (Calophyllum Inophyllum) oil. It's a very rich, moisturizing oil but it absorbs quickly and just leaves my skin smooth, hydrated and soft and beautifully scented with, in this case, passionflower.

I always stock up when I'm in Fiji as the winter in Switzerland really wreaks havoc on my skin and my skin gets irritated with most regular moisturizers on the market.

So that's how all these products worked out for me. As always, please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions or need further info on any of these products. And I'd love to hear if these products worked for you or not.

Wishing you all an amazing day and week!

Vinaka! xo