Essence Effect Nail Polish 03 Glitz & Glam

Quick review of essence's Glitz & glam nail polish.


Glitz & glam is from Essence's Effect Nail Polish range and is the type of polish I always like to have for days when I really don't have time to do my nails properly. I'm talking about the type of polishes that you don't need a base coat or top coat (though I always try to have them) and you can just swipe on a couple of layers, no need to be overly neat and it dries quickly. It's hard to do this with solid colours so glitter or shimmer style polishes are usually the way to go for me. And this has become my absolute favourite polish for a quick nail look and I love the colour and effect so much that I don't just save it for days when I don't have time for a proper manicure.

I will try my best to describe the effect this has because it's the first time I've actually had a nail polish like this! So what you're getting is some pieces of pale pink metallic glitter coming in both big and small sizes and then fine shimmer that is a mixture of turqoise and pastel green. (You can see a bit of this in the first pic of the bottle) The shimmer is so incredibly fine that when you apply layers of the polish, the fine shimmer covers the entire nail giving a foiled effect.
The final result looks like pale pink metallic glitter against a silver foiled background which reflects turqoise or pastel green where the light hits. This is such an incredibly beautiful nail polish and I hope essence never stops making it, although, with essence's track record, this probably won't be around for long! Which is why I have already picked up a back-up.

The more layers you put, the more of a foiled look you get. This lasts me about a week and when I did get chips, it wasn't so obvious.

The pictures probably won't do it justice so please check online for pictures from others to really see the beauty of this polish. 


In the above right picture, it looks as if I've missed some spots but that's because the shimmer is so fine that when the light hits at a certain angle, you don't catch the relflection of the particles. The shimmer shows by reflecting light so when a spot doesn't catch the light, it will  look bare.