Foundation: Application Tools

Everyone knows that in order to get that flawless skin look with foundation, it's not just about the foundation but also about its application and tools definitely matter when applying foundation.

1) Fingers

The most commonly used tools of them all, many prefer to use their fingers when applying foundation because they get a better feel of the foundation and thus find it easier to blend the product onto their face. However, this only works with liquid, cream or mousse foundation.


2) Brush

Using foundation brushes to apply foundation can give a really flawless finish, especially when using a good quality brush. Brushes can get into those tricky areas on the face like the sides on the nose and under the eyes (especially when you have long nails, using your fingers might be a hazard!) and achieve an even application.

Using brushes also prevents you from getting product on your hands.

The key point with brushes is that they must be of good quality to achieve that flawless finish, especially when using powder or mineral foundation.

(Note that good quality doesn’t have to necessarily mean expensive. There are some affordable brushes out there that do a great job.)


3) Sponge

There are different types of sponges out there and they are all good to use. We have the cosmetic wedges, cotton rounds etc. The use of sponges in foundation application is a way of helping to spread the foundation evenly into our skin.

Sponges absorb the foundation and this can have two effects. One is that because it is absorbent, it soaks up too much of the foundation, especially the liquid kind, which can be a waste for some. But on the other hand, some prefer it because as it absorbs the foundation, it allows you to have a minimal amount left on the sponge surface. This allows you to apply a thin layer and build it up according to how much you want instead of just putting on way too much in the first go.

Thus, sponges can come in really handy when you want to correct and wipe excess foundation and makeup.

Most importantly, sponges can help in blending foundation. After you’ve applied foundation, a sponge can really help you to blend everything in to create that even canvas on your face.


4) Roller

This is, in a way, a variation of the sponge because it essentially is a small sponge on a roller and you roll in onto the foundation to pick up the product then you apply it to your face, rolling the foundation onto your skin as you go.

The most known brand using this method is L’Oreal with their True Match Roller foundation.

This method is also supposed to give you an even, flawless coverage.

However, if not applied properly and evenly, it can make your foundation look streaky.


5) Spray-gun

Sounds scary but it’s an actual type of foundation. Just becoming mainstream knowledge, this gadget is exactly as its name suggests – a spray-gun. It’s a gadget that needs to be assembled and contains liquid foundation which you can then spray onto your face. The foundation is supposed to come out in a fine mist and give your face that “airbrushed” look.

Other foundations have the same concept, like the DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation, which is a spray-on foundation but comes in a small aerosol can.

This method of applying foundation is said to achieve a really flawless “airbrushed” look. However, it is definitely the priciest of all with prices ranging from US$60 (the Dior one) to US$1,000 +.


So those are the main foundation application tools or ways to apply foundation. Fingers, brushes and sponges are the most popular, however, due to their affordability and the fact that you don’t need to be a make-up expert to use them and they often give you better control in applying your foundation.

But it really comes down to your preference and what you’re most comfortable with and most importantly, blending! No foundation and no application tool is any good if you don’t blend your foundation in properly.


How do you prefer to apply your foundation? Would you like more information about the above article or mentioned products? Let us know by commenting below.