Goodies I'm Loving This Month! (March - April 2012)

Hey guys! These are the goodies I've been enjoying this month!


Back (left to right): Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser,
                            Dove Body Wash, Catrice Mascara, Bebe Cleanser
Front (left to right): Saffron Gel Eye Liner, Essence make-up base, Yves Rocher
                             Pure Calendula moisturizer, Profusion Blush Brush, Jordana
                             Goldfinger nail polish, Essence eye makeup remover

 Found a new favourite this month!!! I am SO in love with Catrice's new The Giant Extreme volume Mascara!  Oh my gosh! This mascara is everything I've been looking for - volume, length and curl! I don't know what made me pick it up, curiousity, I guess. But I am so glad I did! It's the first time I've tried a mascara with a conical shape and it is able to get to all my lashes as the tapered end can reach the inner and outer corners while the rest of the bristles concentrate volume in the centre, helping to widen and lift the lashes. I haven't needed to use an eyelash curler with this! I'm seriously thinking about doing a video that demonstrates how this transforms my average lashes.

  Another new favourite - loving my new Profusion blush brush! You guys probably know from my videos that I tend to favour smaller brushes for my blush as I prefer a more precise application. This brush not only allows me to place blush exactly where I want it but also to blend it out to a more sheer wash of colour. Been using this brush all month long, replacing my essence one. So great that affordable brands are making such good quality products!

  Another new find is the eye makeup remover from essence. This thing is the best eye makeup remover I've tried so far (and I've tried ALOT). It's able to break down and loosen all the eye makeup, making the whole process alot faster!

  Another new favourite is the new Dove Body wash range with Nutirum Moisture. My favourite is the Coconut Milk with Jasmin flower - oh my gosh! The scent is so creamy and luxurious and the formula is so gentle. You guys will probably know that I have sensitive skin and most Body washes and soap irritate my skin but this didn't and I'm already on my second bottle with backups in the cupboard!
However, I'm not sure if this scent is available everywhere or if it's just for Dove Switzerland.

  Another product I'm loving is the Pure Calendula moisturizer from Yves Rocher. This cream was my treasured find during my winter skin crisis early this year after coming back from Fiji. It's a rich cream but not overpowering, so moisturizing and the calendula scent is really creamy and soft, not strong or herbal like some other calendula creams.

  I've also been enjoying Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit Cream Cleanser. I also like the normal Pink Grapefruit cleanser however, the cream version is alot gentler for the cold weather here and doesn't leave my skin dry.

  Along with that, I've been enjoying Bebe's Young Care cleanser. It's a makeup remover and it's the best cleanser I've tried for removing the remaining traces of makeup from my face. However, I think this brand is only available here in Europe.

  Another product from essence I've been enjoying is their new makeup base. This one comes in a peachy colour that blends completely into the skin. I think it's great for the price and the peach colour goes well with the yellow undertones in my skin and it gives a smooth base for foundation.

  I'm a gel liner girl, for sure! That's my favourite eye liner and I've been enjoying Saffron's one. It's soooo creamy, it glides on so easily! Applies better than my Maybelline one, for sure! However, you have to give it several seconds to set otherwise, you'll smudge it if you touch it. But once it sets, it's there to stay.

  Last but not the least is my Jordana's Goldfinger nail polish. Such a gorgeous muted rose gold and this is a shade that would suit all skin tones. I'm going to be using this one for a while!

Ok, guys, those are my loves for this month! And I'm really enjoying them all but my hands-down most favourite find is the mascara! I'm sooo glad to have found it! Alot of these, if not all, I'm going to be enjoying for months to come!

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you guys have any questions about any of the products. What products have you guys been enjoying lately? :)