Goodies I'm Loving This Month (May-June 2012)

Found myself a great new moisturizer this month!


                            Front: Astor Perfect Stay Transferproof Lip Tint & Care in No. 102 Berry Pink
                            Middle: Clio Professional Art Blusher in No. 1
                             Back (left - right): The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost, The Body Shop Vitamin
                                   C Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Hey Guys! So these are the goodies I've been enjoying this month, which I'll probably still be using in the next 2 months, depending on the weather.
I believer summer has finally come to Switzerland and that means I'm leaning more towards products that are long-wearing and won't slide off or evaporate in the heat.
Which is why I've been loving the Lip Tint from Astor. Astor is a French Cosmetics brand and I've really enjoyed some products from them. And here in Switzerland, these lip tints are cheaper than the Maybelline or Revlon ones. I wore this on a recent bbq trip up to the mountains where it was blazing hot (YES!!!) and it stayed on all day. It did lose some intensity after eating and drinking but still left a slight flush of colour on the lips. I just re-applied later and didn't have to worry about it for at least the next 5 hours. And it's not bright pink, but just gives a warm, rosey pink flush to the lips that looks more natural.
Like the Revlon Just Bitten lip stains, Astor ones also have a lip balm on the other end which I really recommend using as lip stains can be drying.
To see this product on the Astor website, click here.

The next product is really one of my much-loved and much-adored products! You may have seen this blush in my Seoul Finds video of products I picked up in Seoul, South Korea. I have never heard of this Korean brand but I fell in love with the blush when I saw the testers on the makeup counter. It's not cheap, I believe I paid US$26 for it. But I just fell in love with how the colours were beautifully swirled together.
I've checked and it's made in Italy, which explains alot because I really believe the Italians are the best when it comes to making baked or marbellized makeup!
This blush gives off the most beautiful peachy-bronze-golden glow. So not only does the packaging look amazing, the product itself is amazing!

I was on a quest to find a new moisturizer last month and did lots of internet research to find something that goes in the direction of what I was looking for.
Now, when it comes to moisturizers, I'm not a big believer in the promises the brand makes such as that it gets rid of wrinkles, evens your complexion, makes you look younger etc. I buy moisturizers for one thing - to moisturize. I belive that any age problem can be prevented by 2 things: moisturizing and wearing sunscreen. That's it. Moisturiser feeds your skin so I try to find one that has good ingredients.
For me, this is what I need from a moisturizer: to not break me out, not make me look greasy or oily, absorb quickly into my skin, keep my skin moisturised throughout the day, not feel heavy on my skin and if it has sunscreen, that's a bonus.
It was TotalBeauty's 19 Best Moisturizers that got me onto the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop and as I tend to like more naturally-based brands for my skin, that was what I opted for. And I've been VERY happy!
The Vitamin C Skin Boost is a serum you put on AFTER the moisturiser and it feels exactly, if not better, than alot of face primers I've used. This serum will mattify your skin, besides acting like a primer.
The moisturiser does all those things I listed above and it is now officially my daily mosituriser. The Skin Boost I don't have to have, but the moisturiser, definitely.
However, if you are not into citrus scents, they're not for you as they smell heavily of oranges or lemons when you apply them. The scent does not linger though.

Last but not the least, the Sublime Bronzer bronzer from LÓreal Paris. Now, I hesitated a bit to share this! Whoever heard of a Pacific Islander needing a bronzer?! Well, I do! As a Pacific Islander living in Switzerland (home of the Swiss Alps!), it feels like it's winter all year around save for a few weeks. Which means, for most of the year, my legs are hidden under leggings or jeans. Which means they don't get to see much of the sun!
So when shorts-wearing season rolls around, I find myself staring in horror at legs that certainly don't match the rest of me! And that's where bronzer comes in! I like this particular one because it's a lotion or liquid kind, which means I can apply with my hands. I only trust my hands to get even application. Sprays certainly don't work for me in that respect.
This shade in Copper or Golden Brown is perfect for me. When I apply 2 layers of this, my legs finally match the rest of me! And it has fine gold shimmer in it that gives your legs a lovely sheen.
I do recommend you shake the product first before using as the ingredients tend to separate.

Ok guys, those are my favourite products for this month! The moisturiser will probably now be a normal fixture in my daily routine and the bronzer I'll be using throughout summer.
Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I've mentioned here and hope you're all enjoying the sun if you're here in Europe and have a great week, wherever you are! :)