Her Gorgeous Expression

Her Gorgeous Expression or HGE is an accessories chain in Fiji that has also brought e.l.f into the country making it a must-visit store for fashion and makeup enthusiasts alike!

   As we promised you in a previous article, here is our special feature article on this new chain of accessories shops in Fiji that is offering a great selection for the country's fashion-lovers.

If you'll recall from that previous article, I stumbled across HGE while I was back home and just had to write about it when I discovered that they have brought one of my personal favourite brands to Fiji - e.l.f. or eye lips face.
After taking a look at their selection, I knew I had to do an article on the shop for Pacific-Style, just absolutely had to!

So, first off, HGE is a local chain with 3 shops, all in Suva. The one I stumbled across first is on Renwick Road, next to Gokals and opposite Suva Central. The second is in MHCC on the second level while the third is in the new Damodar City Complex in Raiwai.

If you love accessories then you will love HGE's stores. There are accessories everywhere! From jewellery including watches to hairbands, clutches and even clothing, their shops are a paradise for those who love to find peices to dress up or complete an outfit.

HGE's shop in MHCC


An array of purses, wallets and pouches in vibrant colours

A wide selection of jewellery such as earrings in varying colours and designs

The pictures above are just a snapshot of HGE's selection. They have much more in the way of accessories and such and as I understand, even accessories for you fellas out there who are car-enthusiasts.

But now, for the makeup lovers, we'll move on to what most of you came here for - the e.l.f. selection!

The e.l.f. display in HGE's MHCC store

As you can see in the above pictures, HGE carries a wide selection of e.l.f. products, about 70 - 80% of the complete e.l.f. range, owner Mathew Lin tells me, with plans to get the full range underway.
HGE is the official e.l.f. distributor in Fiji, getting their stock directly from e.l.f. USA and even though they only began selling it in their stores in Fiji in November, last year, the response has been great with them having to re-stock several times already since then.

For those of you out there yet to try e.l.f., you're probably asking the all-important question: What's so great about e.l.f.?

Well, for you guys in the US particularly, e.l.f. is an extremely budget-friendly brand which, despite its affordability, offers some great products equalling some of the more well-known brands in quality or even surpassing them in some cases. Seriously, for you guys in the US, e.l.f. brushes start from US$1! How much better does it get?!
Now for those of you in Fiji, of course the prices aren't as low as they are in the US (thanks to import duties, shipping costs etc.) but it's still less than the prices of most of the other well-known brands available in the country. The best part about having e.l.f. in the country is that you'll be purchasing a well-known brand. This means that you have the chance to make better choices in what you buy because e.l.f. products are highly used and reviewed on the internet. If you're thinking of purchasing something, read up the many reviews available online beforehand and you'll have a better idea of whether the product will work for you, how to use it etc.

HGE offers testers of most of their products with friendly sales assistants, some of whom have had training in the beauty industry. This is great especially for first-time users because you can actually swatch the products and see how they look on your skin before you part with your hard-earned money.
And when you have an official distributor, you can be sure that you can always re-purchase your favourite products when you run out instead of when shops sell random products so you're never sure if you can get that product again.

And as I mentioned before in my earlier article, for us here at Pacific-Style, the best part about having e.l.f. available in the country is that we feel better about reviewing and recommending products from e.l.f. because we now know it's not only accessible to those in the US and most countries outside of Fiji but also in Fiji.
Those of you that follow us often on YouTube and here will know we use alot of e.l.f. products and while we did mention them, it was always tough when we hear from you guys in Fiji that you wish you could buy it there. And now that it is there, definitely expect more reviews on e.l.f. products from us!

On that note, thanks to suggestions from some of you lovely ladies I had the wonderful chance to meet, we are compiling our list of favourite e.l.f. products and why we love them to give you guys an idea of what you might want to try from e.l.f.

I must thank the owner of Her Gorgeous Expression, Mathew Lin, for being so accommodating and giving us all the information we needed to write this article and answer questions you lovely ladies out there may have had.
Any further questions you may have about e.l.f. or HGE, just let us know below or on our facebook page or email us.

Below are more pictures of the e.l.f. selection available at HGE stores in Suva. Enjoy! :)


Make-up brushes, false eye lashes and other makeup accessories Lip products and blushes





Eye shadows, foundations, concealers, bronzers and more

Testers available so customers can sample the products before buying