Lacura (Aldi Brand) Lipstick Review

Review of two of the Lacura range of lipsticks sold in Aldi.

Some of you may know the Lacura brand, which is another cosmetics brand sold in Aldi. Lacura has been getting quite some good reviews out there in the worldwide web for being of comparable quality to alot of mainstream brands without the mainstream, even high, prices.

Developed by German skincare specialists, the brand has been winning surprising awards, especially from consumers, often during blind-testing.

Along with its skincare, Lacura also has a range of make-up products, one of which are lipsticks which I'll be reviewing here.

I have the lipsticks in 2 shades: Peach (No. 60) and Copper (No.80)

First thing I will say about the Lacura lipsticks is that I really like the packaging. The tubes have a metallic finish that doesn't look cheap at all and even better than some mainstream brands. The material always feels cool to the touch and gives the product a slight weight which is in contrast to some cheaper lipstick brands where the product feels really light.

Please note that the packaging may differ from country to country.





                                              Peach (No. 60)                                                                              Copper (No. 80)                                             Peach and Copper 

As for the product itself, the formula is very creamy and smooth and even moisturising. Lacura lipsticks are claimed to have a hydro-vitamin complex and rich avocado oil, which is what is said to be the reason for the creamy texture and its ability to moisturise the lips.  It's one of those lipsticks that you can apply without applying lipbalm first to your lips because the formula is moisturising. In fact, if you apply too much lipbalm right before you apply the lipstick, you may experience some problems with application because the lipstick formula may be too slippery on top of the lipbalm.
I've found that it's better to apply the lipbalm some time before so that it sinks into your lips before you apply the lipstick or you can skip the lipbalm altogether if your lips are not in too bad of a condition.

However, you have to be careful with these lipsticks when applying because as they are so soft and creamy, if you press too hard, you can squish the lipstick. So it's best to apply it with a light hand.

Pigmentation-wise, these are not the most pigmented lipsticks but they do a decent job. I find them comparable to alot of mainstream brands and as for the staying power, it's surprisingly resilient for such an affordable brand. I find it lasts longer if you use the lipstick on its own and not over a lipbalm. I find the colour adheres better to your lips that way, allowing it to stay on longer.

The lipsticks don't really have a scent which is great for those that don't like heavily-scented lip products. And they don't have a strong taste either.

They also don't have a big colour selection but the colours they do have are enough to suit a variety of skin tones.

Overall, I would rate these lipsticks a 7/10.

They are not the best lipsticks out there but they do a good enough job for the price. I would love it if they had a wider selection of colours. If I found a colour I really liked, I would definitely re-purchase these lipsticks because I really like the formula, the packaging and the quality of these lipsticks.