Little Weekend Buys 2

A few more little goodies I picked up in the weekend.

  Clockwise from top: essence i love punk jumbo eyeliner pen, Manhattan Magic Up Eyeshadow in no. 02 Abrakadabrown, essence colour & go nail polish in no. 107 naughty & pink, CoverGirl Clump Crusher mascara


Hey guys! So more little buys from over the weekend.

Starting from the top is the jumbo eyeliner pen from essence. I must say, well done, essence, on coming out with this eyeliner! You guys may know that I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliners because I struggle to work with them. The biggest problem is that I find the liquid gets on my eyelashes which affects my mascara application. And alot of eyeliner pens that have come out still give me this problem because I find the formulas are much like those of liquid liners. However, this pen from essence is exactly what I expect from an eyeliner pen, which is that it's more like a regular marker pen in formula. It's actually like taking a marker pen and lining your eyes with it! The formula is not runny at all but very much like, again, an actual marker pen so I can actually draw the line on without worrying about the formula going on my eyelashes and clumping them up. The small, thick design of the pen gives you alot of control and the thick tip makes it easier to control the line size. The only con I've found so far is that the intensity of the line doesn't last for longer than about 6 hours, which for me is perfectly fine but if you're looking for a 24 hours liner, this isn't it. I highly recommend this liner pen for those starting out with makeup or practicing how to line their eyes because this is the best eyeliner I've ever used for the quickest, easiest lining of the eyes, giving me control of the line size, easy winging out without loading product on my lashes as well.

Next we have the Limited Edition Magic Up eyeshadow from Manhattan. This is basically a cream eyeshadow, along the lines of the Maybelline Color Tattoos. I need to use this a bit more to really test the longlasting aspect of it but it is definitely creamy so extremely easy to apply. I just use my fingers, blend it onto my eyelids and I'm done. What I really enjoy about this eyeshadow is that it has really subtle shimmer. My problem with a lot of the Color Tattoos from Maybelline is they can be really shimmery/mettallic so they're not always great as a base even though they really do extend the wear of powder eyeshadows. This one from Manhattan would work great as a base for any dark powder eyeshadow because the shimmer doesn't come through strongly to interfere with the finish of the powder eyeshadow. Really considering picking another one up as they are only Limited Edition.

Next we have the nail polish from essence's revamped colour & go collection. ABSOLUTELY ADORE this shade! It's a really fresh pink. It almost looks neon pink but it isn't. It has a hint of coral to it, depending on the light. This is just a beautiful, happy shade that reminds me of spring. The best way I can think of to describe the shade is the shade of those bright pink tulips. Love it!
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Last but not the least is the new mascara from CoverGirl. Well, it's new this side anyway. Initial use, this is definitely a mascara that won't clump on you. It's a decent mascara, gives good volume without any clumping. I really enjoy using it for the lower lashline because it really coats the lower lashes really well without clumping and the curves shape really helps you get into the lower lashes. The only con for me is that despite it being a waterproof formula, I discovered flaking and smudging a few hours later. However, this probably won't be a problem for those of you with normal skin as mine is very oily around the eyes and tests any eye product to the max!

So that's it, guys! Those are my little weekend buys. As always, let me know if you need a further review of any of the products.

And a last note, for those of you in Europe, essence is comimg out with their new limited edition collection for this month called "ticket to paradise". I've got my eye on their creamy shadows, nail polish and what looks like a beautiful shimmer powder. Check out the link for the full range.
For you guys in the US, essence's limited edition collection for this month is the "sun kissed" collection, which came out in here in March but I missed it!

Have a great week, guys!