Little Weekend Buys 4


Top from left: Catrice Lip Balm Tint in C01 ChamPINKon, essence longlasting lipstick in 04 On The Catwalk!, essence colour & go nail polish in 164 crazy fancy love, essence colour & go nail polish in 140 go bold!
Middle from left: essence sun club all-in-one bronzing highlighter in 02 sun glow, essence eye sorbet in 04 illuminating plum, essence blush stick in 030 miss peachy, essence LASH mania reloaded mascara

Bula everyone!

Pretty excited about these weekend buys! I have only one product from Catrice while the rest are all from essence and I'm happy to say the essence ones are all part of the regular range instead of limited editions. I'm not sure if these are out everywhere as some you can see have the "new" stickers on them so they've just come out here in Europe but as they're part of the regular range, they're bound to come out everywhere else soon.

So first off, this lip balm tint from Catrice is from their "Matchpoint" limited edition collection that came out recently. However, Catrice has added these jumbo-pencil style lip tints to their regular line (also new) so if you missed the Matchpoint collection, you can still get your hands on these (though it's called Pure Shine Colour Lip Balms in the regular line). I've yet to try one from their regular line so I'm not sure how similar the pigmentation is. However, this one was surprisingly very pigmented as I expected it to be rather sheer since it's just supposed to be a lip balm. Not only was it more pigmented than I thought (good thing!), it was also very buildable and it did leave a tint/stain long after! If the regular ones are anything like this, I'm definitely picking them up next shopping trip (might even include them in a giveaway ;) )
It glides on so smoothly, feels good on and is a twist-up so no need to sharpen. New favourite lip product!

I was curious when I heard essence was coming out with a pigmented lipstick line because their regular lipsticks are the sheer type, almost like lipbalms. I enjoyed those for that reason because they were swipe-and-go type products in that way. I had also seen from the tribal summer limited edition line (which I mentioned in my Weekend Buys 3) that they can make an incredibly pigmented lipstick. So I picked up this one in no. 04. It was the only colour that appealed to me. There's a red one as well that was interesting but the rest of the shades seemed like they would appear a bit chalky on me. However, I do plan to take a proper look at them next time as I was in a rush when I picked these up (went there only to replace my topcoat and ended up getting all these! such a sucker! :D)
Going on this one that I have, the new lipsticks are definitely very pigmented with some very bold colours (this one is a deep berry shade), applies very smoothly and definitely lasts longer than the other range. For me, this one left a stain on the lips after the main layer faded. Will have to test it properly to see how longwearing it really is.

Very excited about the 2 nail polishes I picked up. The first really caught my eye because it's iridescent or duo chrome, whichever term you prefer. It's a sort of burnt gold shade that reflects pink, the overall shade appearing a sort of a dark rose-gold shade. The second is a beautiful champagne gold shade. Cannot wait to try these out!

Ah, the new essence bronzing highlighter! I fell in love with this at first swipe at the store! I'm a sucker for shimmery highlight-y things, in case you haven't noticed! :D This product comes in 2 shade selections, one for blondes and lighter complexions and this one, for brunettes and darker skin tones. I love that the product gives a sheen and not glitter! It definitely works as a highlighter and gives such a beautiful glow. AND is coconut-scented!!! The Pacific Islander in me totally loves that! I plan to do a proper review on this product for sure!
Also, I'm curious if any of you out there that has tried this has also tried the Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Amber Nectar. From pictures, the colour configuration looks similar to this.

Next we have the eye sorbet. This is similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoos and other cream eye shadow products out there on the market. I find these to be creamier that the Maybelline ones. I have yet to try this so I don't know if it functions well as a base. I bought it because I think it would look beautiful on top of a powder eye shadow to illuminate the eye. Looking forward to trying it out properly.

essence has also included blush sticks in the new range. I, of course, picked up the peach one! Initial use, it applies smoothly and can easily be blended out before leaving it to set. The peach colour gives a lovely flush to the cheeks but not overpowering, which is the way I prefer my blushes. Enjoying this so far and would need to use it more to see its lasting power.

And last of all, this new mascara which is supposed to give incredible volume, a false lash effect and no clumps. I've tried this out twice and I'm really liking it so far. I don't know about the whole false lash effect claim (I don't know why so many mascara companies make this claim! I've yet to find a mascara that makes your lashes look like false lashes on its own!) but this for me is more a defining and lengthening mascara. It gives decent volume but what I'm enjoying about this mascara is how pretty it makes your lashes look. The way the bristles are arranged (star-shaped, according to essence), it gets every lash and coats it beautifully. It coats the lashes in a way that it feathers out the tips which gives a really pretty, feathery effect to my lashes. Love that! And it definitely did not clump on me. Will need to use it a bit more to give a more definite opinion but so far, really enjoyng it.

And last but not least, I'm really looking forward to picking up the STAYS no matter what jumbo eye pencils! They weren't out when I picked these up so I'm hoping they'll be out in my local store this coming week.They're supposed to be long-wearing (16 hours is essence's claim) like other similar products out on the market right now from other brands and come in 8 shades. I'm really wanting to pick up chocolate, copper and black shades!

So anyway, guys, those are my little weekend buys. Hope the little mini-reviews give you guys an idea of what to expect in case you're thinking of picking any of these up. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to let me know. And let me know what you think of them if you've tried them.