Ombia Cosmetics (Aldi Brand) Eye Shadow Review

Review of the Ombia Cosmetics Eye Shadow. Ombia Cosmetics is Aldi's cosmetics brand.

In our quest to try to review anything and everything for you guys, I decided to review this eye shadow palette by Ombia Cosmetics.

Ombia Cosmetics is the cosmetics brand of Aldi, the German discount supermarket chain. Now, depending on where you are in the world, your perceptions of Aldi will differ. But generally, Aldi was considered to be a place for low-income earners to shop. So it's not surprising if many of you don't know about Ombia Cosmetics or Lacura Cosmetics, both Aldi cosmetics brands.
However, if you do internet searches on these brands, especially Lacura, you'll find that a lot of reviewers out there have given good reviews on products from the brands, most of them being surprised at the quality of the products considering they're from a discount supermarket.

Anyway, long story short, I have tried Aldi's cosmetics. (I'm a product junkie and will try anything once, as long as it doesn't look dodgy or smell funky! :D) And I actually liked some of the products I've tried.

Bottom line, in my opinion, I always say, just because it's low-cost, doesn't mean it's low-quality!

So, on to the review!

This is the first time I've tried Aldi's eye shadow but I was drawn to it because of the purple! (Me and my purples!) I saw it in the catalogue and decided to stop by the nearest Aldi and pick one palette up.

So that's what the palette looks like. 4 colours - a white/gold colour, lilac purple, a darker purple and a black. All the colours have shimmer in them.

So, as you can see from the swatches on the left, the shadows aren't extremely pigmented. But this doesn't mean they're not wearble. You can definitely pack on the colours.
Some eye shadows that aren't well-pigmented don't even show up well even after you apply more. But this will show up better with every application.

However, I would have preferred it if they made the shadows more blendable. I didn't find it as blendable as I would've liked.

I would definitely apply this shadow over a primer or base to make the colours show up more and to make it last longer.
Though I wear primer with any eye shadow I use, I feel that you'll definitely need it more with these shadows for longevity.

The shadows didn't irritate my eyes at all and I found the packaging quite solid and compact compared to other affordable brands.

Overall, I feel that these eye shadows are OK. I wouldn't run out and buy it and there are other affordable brands out there that would provide better pigmentation. But if these are the eye shadows available to you then you can definitely make use of them. And especially if you are fair skinned, the colours would definitely show up on you.

I like the colour selections and I will definitely be using the palette though I don't think I would be re-purchasing it.