Tips & Tricks 2: For Broken Palettes

We've all broken some of our favourite make-up palettes, which can be such a pain! Here's a little tip that can help you save some!

We've all had it happen to us. Right in the middle of using them or moving them around, they've dropped! In most cases, the lids separate so you end up with a palette with all the shadows or products inside exposed. This can cause people to throw them out because we can't really store them properly or put them in our makeup bags because with no lid, shadows or glosses inside would get on everything.

However, this is a tip that can help you rescue some of your palettes and continue to use them.
The main thing you will need is a pretty box of your choice. Make sure it's one you like as this will become the case for your palette.

You will also need a good, strong glue.

All you have to do is glue the palette onto the inside of the bottom part of the box. If your palette has broken into 2 or more pieces, you can then join all the pieces together (kind of like a jig-saw puzzle!) and glue them into place onto the inside of the bottom of the box.




I've used a Claire's palette here. The lid broke off but I really like the eye shadows so this is how I've been able to rescue this palette. I know for you guys in the U.S, Claire's palettes are really inexpensive but here, this palette cost about 9 Swiss Francs. That's about $11 or $12 US at the current exchange rate.
So it works out cheaper for me to fix it this way than get a whole new palette.
So this is a good tip for those palettes that either are too pricey to repurchase or that you simply can't find easily where you are.

So the box becomes your new palette :)