Updates 2

We're back and here's a quick update to let you guys know what we've got in store for the year.

Hey Everyone!

As I told you guys in my last video, we would be heading home to Fiji for the holidays. Fiji was absolutely amazing as usual and now we're back and ready to get back into the swing of things :)

First of all, Happy New Year to you all and we wish you all the very best for 2012!

We have a whole lot of stuff for you guys for 2012. First off, yes, we'll definitely be having more Giveaways and Congratulations again to the winner of our first Giveaway, S. Waitale, and we're glad to hear she loved her gift pack and we hope she's enjoying experimenting with all the products we've included in there for her :)

So definitely more Giveaways since the response to the first one was really amazing. And thank you to everyone who took part here on the site, on facebook and on YouTube. We want to thank you all for your answers. It really gave us some great insight into what you guys are looking for in Fiji.

Heaps more videos definitely coming your way. There will be alot of haul videos where we share with you all products we've collected here and there so you guys know what we're using and testing at the moment and you should expect to see reviews of all of them up on the site.
I'm especially looking forward to doing the next series of the Fiji Finds for those of you in Fiji since I found some products I really loved there on this visit.

Definitely more tutorials and more of all the series we've started. I'm also excited to share with you guys some new favourites that stood the test of Fiji's humidity. I'm also considering doing some travel-related videos about products that come in really handy when traveling. And so much more! 

In terms of the shop for those of you in Fiji, I'm excited to tell you that more products have arrived in Fiji so you should see some new selections in the shop soon! And we also have a small surprise in store for you guys :)

So that's some of the things we'll be working on in the next few weeks for you guys.

We would also like to take this moment to thank you all for your amazing support for the site. We still can't believe how much it has grown since we first launched it less than a year ago and it all wouldn't be possible without the feedback and support of you all.
So we will thank you all by continuing to try to keep the site updated with articles, pictures and videos of things you guys want to see.

So please don't hesitate to continue to let us know what you want to see, what products you want reviewed, tutorials etc.  And don't forget to send in your pictures of your products and your makeup looks so we can all learn from each other.

Vinaka Vakalevu!