Video: KleanColor All About Me 24 Palette Review

Review of KleanColor's All About Me 24 palette in Bombshell. Includes video and written review with swatches.

KleanKolor makes this All About Me 24 palette in 2 palettes: X-Factor and Bombshell, which is the one being reviewed here.



Overall, it is a decent palette that offers a wide variety of colours with which a variety of looks can be achieved. From muted golds and browns to bright pinks and oranges and greens to varying shades of grey, both colourful and smokey eye looks can be achieved with this palette.

The biggest problem with this palette which I feel is important when deciding whether to purchase this palette is that the coating or the first layer of the eye shadows appears metallic. However, once this layer is worn off and you get to the ''actual'' shadow, (see picture on the left) and the finish is more in the direction of matte, not at all metallic in my opinion.
The problem with this is that those looking for metallic shadows might purchase this palette and be disappointed whereas those that like that powdery-satin finish to their eye shadows might not purchase this palette because it appears metallic or shiny. They won't know the actual finish unless they swatch it.

Personally, I would have preferred a mix of finishes. I would have loved some true metallics in there along with some true mattes for the palette to be truly versatile.

On the KleanColor website, this palette retails for $4.99 (US Dollars



Swatches are according to the palette, always from left to right, beginning at the top.