Weekend Buys 3

Finally got the chance to pick up some goodies I've been eyeing!

Hi guys!  So I finally got the chance to go out and pick up some things in the weekend and I'm particularly excited about some products that have recently come out (recent over here, anyway!) which I've been wanting to try.

Clockwise from left: Blistex Lip Brilliance, essence colour & go nail polish 104 sweet as candy, essence nude glam nail polish 02 iced strawberry cream, Garnier 5 Sec Perfect Blur, Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
Middle from left:  DailyGo hair ties, essence tribal summer long lasting lipstick 02 waka waka, essence guerilla gardening lip cream 02 floral glam, essence guerilla gardening cream to powder blush 01 mission flower (top) and 02 floral glam (below)

I love these Blistex lip balms because besides being mositurizing, I love the tint it gives to the lips. Perfect to just swipe and go for low maintenance days so I picked up some back-ups.

I've always been a lover of nude nail polishes because they go with everything, give a polished look and I also find them to be low-maintenance. However, for a while there I was into colourful nails and now I've found myself back to loving nudes so I picked up these 2 shades from essence. I look forward to trying these out!

So this is one of the products I was really wanting to pick up, the 5 sec Perfect Blur primer from Garnier. Yes, yes, I admit it, the ad sucked me in! So we'll see if it lives up to the ad! I'm really hoping it will because I like a low maintenance look for everyday and if this can really give you great looking skin on its own, then it would be great to just swipe on on top a moisturiser and go! So we'll see.

The second product I was excited to try is this BB cream from Maybelline. When the whole BB cream craze came out, I was really interested in trying them but all the shades available this side were just too light. The only one I ventured to try was the Garnier one but that broke me out and I could only wear it in winter when I was a little lighter. I also tried a Sephora one I picked up in Italy and while the colour was ok, I was not too sure about the formula. I had checked out the Maybelline one before but the colours were all too light. I wasn't planning to pick it up at all but for some reason, the display caught my eye and I spotted the last shade which I didn't see before - Universal - Apricot. I think this shade just might be available here in Europe though I could be wrong. Anyway, it's a more brownish-peachy shade. I have used this twice already and so far, I'm really loving it! It blends in really well into my skin and suits my skin tone perfectly, I felt like it gave me a natural glow and best of all, hasn't broken me out. Will be using this alot more before I formulate a full review but so far so good!

I love these dailygo hairties and was so happy to finally see them here! No metal bands and does not snag the hair at all so they're perfect for my crazy curly hair!

I missed essence's lanuching of their tribal summer limited edition collection but I was happy to spot some remaining products from the collection at the store I was at so I managed to pick up this lipstick. It's a bold berry shade with purple undertones. Looking forward to trying it out and I actually think it will be a great shade for autumn, which is coming up on this side of the world.

I also missed out on essence's guerilla gardening collection so I was happy to spot some remaining products from the collection like this lip cream. This is a really bright, bold, almost neon red! It's incredibly pigmented and it's supposed to have a matte finish but I detect a slight shine though it's definitely not glossy at all. I cannot wait to wear this!

The last 2 products from the Guerilla Gardening collection are these 2 cream to powder blushes. I haven't tried them yet but from swatching them, they really are cream to powder products! They're really creamy in the pan but once you apply them to the skin, they turn to a powdery texture. Actually, to me they're more like the texture of face primers. They may appear really bold in the pan but they apply sheer on the skin, giving a more natural flush. So far, they feel promising.

So those are my little weekend finds! Looking forward to really trying everything out! As always, please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products. Also, let me know if you've tried them and how they worked out for you!