Why I Like Blush

Blush is that sweep of colour that you put on your cheeks or cheekbones to give your entire face a flush of colour or to bring out your cheekbones.

For me, I like blush because it’s perfect for bringing out your cheek bones and giving you that finishing touch of glow on your face.
It comes in so many different colours and types like powder or cream

So where should you put blush? 
Normally we put blush on the apples of the cheeks and along your cheek bones. 

When applying blush on my face, I always remember not to put too much on my cheeks to avoid looking too clown-like. Blush should complement your face and not overpower it. 

When applying blush, make sure you apply your blush brush in a circular motion on your cheeks to replicate where you would normally get colour when you blush.
I also love applying blush on the area along my forehead and temples and along my nose to give that glow and radiance on my face. 

It’s also essential that you use the right colour for you. If the blush is too light or too dark, it not only looks obvious but it may look like you have a rash or worse which is not the look you’re going for.
Test the blush on the back of your hand or an area closest to the colour of your cheeks. The blush should show but in a way that it adds radiance to your face and not completely overpowers your face. Think of the colour your cheeks turn when you blush or when you’ve been in the sun for a bit. Your blush colour should be in that colour range.

The most important thing to keep in mind when applying blush is that you just want to brighten up the cheeks to give that finishing glow to the face. Remember, complement your face, not overpower it.

The new trend right now according to Glamour is you can and should apply blush on lips to give a very natural effect. You can read more about Blush and where to apply them on www.glamour.com

Need help with choosing your blush? Let us know or write in below and learn what works for other users.