Q: Can I use my body moisturizer to also moisturize my face?

A: It is usually not recommended to use your body lotion also as a facial moisturizer because the skin on your face tends to be gentler than the rest of the skin on your body.

However, ultimately, it depends on your skin. Some people find that whatever lotion, cream, butter or oil they use on their body also works on their face.
But many may find that this is not the case for them.

It’s important to note that we don’t have the same type of skin all over our body. Some areas may require more moisture than other areas and vice versa. So just because the skin on your body may be dry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the skin on your face is also dry. It might be the total opposite or a combination.
Some make this assumption and so, since the rest of their body requires so much moisture, they also apply alot to their face and find that they have breakouts (pimples) or other reactions. This is a sign that the skin on your face is different.

Personally, I need to have a facial moisturizer . I find that the skin on my face is much more sensitive and needs less moisturizer compared to the rest of my skin, which tends to be very dry. Most body lotions or creams etc. which may moisturize my body are too greasy for my face and causes breakouts.
My facial moisturiser needs to be very moisturizing without being greasy. This means I need something that will absorb cleanly into my skin without clogging my pores and most body lotions, creams etc. simply do not have this quality.

So you need to experiment to find out if the skin on your face will be ok with your regular body moisturiser. Which means you need to apply it to your face and see how your face feels. (It may take a day to a week to really see the reaction your skin has to the product.) If you find the skin on your face is not reacting well then you know that it has different needs to the rest of your skin and you’ll need to find a special moisturizer just for your face.

Also important to note, sometimes a normal moisturizer may work for both your body and face, but you just need to apply different amounts, meaning the skin on your face may need less than the rest of the body and vice versa.

Hope I was able to answer your question! What about you guys out there in the Pacific-Style community? Do you need a separate moisturizer for your face? Share what works for you guys.