Taking Care of your Skin: Skin Types

A quick guide to the three main different skin types.

Knowing the type of skin you have will enable you to take the best care of it. There are generally 3 skin types: dry, oily and combination (combination of both dry and oily).

Dry: You have dry skin if you constantly need to moisturize to avoid getting dry and flaky skin and if you go without moisturizing, your skin can get really itchy or even painful. People with dry skin also can feel that after a shower or after washing or swimming, your skin feels uncomfortably tight.

People of this skin type may find that they are prone to having rashes and dry, flaky patches.

Oily: You have oily skin if your skin constantly feels greasy and your skin is prone to acne, especially on the face. A lot of people with this skin type avoid moisturizers because they only add to the greasy feel of their skin, especially on their face.

People of this skin type may find that aside from the skin on their face, they normally don’t have problems with their skin and are generally okay if they don’t moisturize everyday.

Sensitive acne-prone areas for this skin type are usually the face and back.

Combination: Combination skin is simply that – combination, a mixture of oily and dry. People with this skin type may have some dry, flaky areas while the other areas are perfectly nice and moist.

People in this category can often have problems with finding the right products especially for their face as products for dry skin can make the oily parts more oily and products for oily skin only dry out the dry areas more.

Tip: One suggested way of telling what type of skin you have is to hold a tissue against your bare (no moisturizer or product) face and let go. If the tissue stays stuck to your face, you may have oily or combination skin and if it falls right off then you have dry skin.